NOVOCONT is following the UN’s invitation!


05.05.2015 | NOVOCONT Systembau GmbH is following the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) invitation for a workshop.

csm_Bild_Working_Group_7182ff8584.pngcsm_Bild_vereinte_Nationen_3fca9f9c47.png"rescue and mobile solutions for humanitarian relief" This working group will create solutions that make work easier, in particular for “first aiders” at the UN’s deployment location and which will help the aid to be even more effective!

NOVOCONT Systembau GmbH is looking forward to continuing the discussions to work out detailed plans for the technical solutions. In so doing, both our technical expertise and also our knowledge of standard products in European manufacturing will come into play to create the most effective possible solutions.

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